Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weigh In #19

Start Weight: 175
Highest Weight: 176
Current Weight: 142 +.4
Lowest Weight: 130
Goal Weight: 135
Waist: 27 1/5
Chest: 33 

Hips: 38
Thighs: 22 1/2

Exercise zilch

I did exercise on Monday & Tuesday but not enough to count. No excuses here. I was tired. No make that exhausted. Mentally and physically exhausted and decided to make the decision to rest. I thought back to Melissa's post a while back about listening to your body, and mine was saying go sit your arse down please. And so i did. Next.

No pics. The majority of the week I was not at home but I did eat healthy. Lots of salads and fruit. I had one day that I declared I was done & over a lot of crap and pigged out on Debbie cakes and chips. Didn't take long for me to snap out of that. Next.

Upcoming Week:
I will be back on schedule. Running every morning, my elliptical, and I plan to get some Kettlebell in a couple of days as well. This weekend is my trip to Miami. I am soooo not a beach person but I am looking forward to hanging out with good peeps and some much needed r&r.

In Other News.....
MissHaneefa's challenge is off to a good start. Alot of people did wonderful last week and congrats to you all.

Have a great week,


  1. Yo are doing a great job, you are focused and back on the ball. It is OK to let it go once in awhile. You are so close! You got this!

  2. Miami! :) have a great time! we all could use a little r&r every now and then :) take care.


  3. Thanks MissH I felt good about it :).

    Thanks zainab1 I concur! :)

  4. Debbie cakes and chips?.... Been there. :-) You'll get it!!

  5. Thanks Blubeari, no worries :)

  6. the beach is always relaxing, have a blast :)

  7. Hey! Why don't you try running for ten and walking for 1 and try doing that twice?

  8. Thanks Karla :)

    Thanks MissH! :)

  9. Girl you did the right thing. Listening to your body is so beneficial and it will pay off in the long run. Have fun in Miami. You are sooo lucky!! Wish it was me! :-)

  10. Thanks lyricgirl :)

    Thanks Melissa I'm going to try :)

  11. Oh, I'm so jealous! Miami! It's cold and rainy up here in the northeast. Blech! I'll be thinking of you this weekend and hoping you are having an awesome time! Enjoy it for all of us that can't!

  12. @ CLAMCO- thank you! :) i'm def going to try to enjoy myself.


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