Monday, September 27, 2010

Trying something new...

Smh...I found another pic taken at a different angle at the beginning of my journey. As soon as I finish typing this post I am taking a copy up to Wal-Mart to have it blown up to poster size. This will be the pic posted directly on the wall in front of me while I'm on my elliptical machine. I'm removing the thinspiration pics that are already there. I'm hoping this will give me the boost that I need to stay on that bad boy for the full time that I schedule myself to do so. I always end up quitting halfway. My best friend just reminded me that our trip is next week! Omg time flies and I wasn't keeping up with it! I thought I had another 2 weeks or so. geesh..

Have a great week!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weigh In #18

Start Weight: 175
Highest Weight: 176
Current Weight: 142
Lowest Weight: 130
Goal Weight: 135
Waist: 27 1/5
Chest: 33 

Hips: 38
Thighs: 23 

 Exercise  Mon-Sat
45 min- 1 hr run/walk combo outside everyday - Elliptical Machine- everyday

 A few meals :

i ate this everyday this week and i'm sick of it

           my usual breakfast

  a whole lot of this...

i was good with these..only 2

         and these...

     plenty of these burnt ones but i don't believe in wasting food :)

In Other News...

MissHaneefa  created a wonderful challenge last week ...The 15In15 Challenge. You commit to lose 1 lb a week and by New Year's Eve we'll be 15 lbs down. Not sure if I want to lose 15 but if I could get 10 down I'll be a happy camper. Challenges are a fun way to encourage and support one another which is an important part in this journey. Thanks MissH!

With that said thank you for the encouraging comments many of you have left during my journey. They really meant alot to me and I try to return the favor as often as I can. They were the extra boost that I needed then and I don't think I would have come as far as I have. I'm pretty sure I would have given up a while ago.
Speaking of comments.
Over the weekend I ran into some people I haven't seen in over a year and oh the comments. Some were good while others were just stupid. One stupid one in particular was "Don't lose too much where you start to look sick". Are you serious?  My sister said this same thing to me a month ago and my response then was "well people mostly look sick when they are sick so why would I?" This time I didn't waste my time with a rebuttal I just gave her a stare down. When I answered the question as to what I eat, she chimes in to state "oh THAT'S why you're losing weight because you don't eat meat!"  My reply "WRONG  Sherlock". I explained that I have tinkered with the idea of a vegetarian lifestyle for quite a while now and  #1) after watching FoodNation by accident I was completely disgusted, #2) I have NEVER been regular...I'm talking once a month which is not right on so many levels. Since I stopped eating meat this has changed and I can finally join the "regular" crew.
I explained that I exercise almost everyday and once again she tried to get a few comments in..something about too much exercise. I was tuning her out by then but she actually made a comment that she exercised too much and that's why she didn't lose. What??? I definitely didn't entertain that.
What I don't understand is why people try to discourage or down what you are doing to try to better yourself.  I am truly amazed. This is not a question for anyone reading more so just a comment.

*In the past week I was called "tiny"....... Joy. Now I know that I am not tiny and granted he was 6'4 and weighed 200+ lbs...but I was still cheesing hard inside.

Anywho enough rambling. Good nite all.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Choose your ammo..

*My 100th post*

For my grapefruit diet friend.


Because 3,500 calories equals about 1 pound (0.45 kilogram) of fat, you need to burn 3,500 calories more than you take in to lose 1 pound. So if you cut 500 calories from your diet each day, you'd lose about 1 pound a week (500 calories x 7 days = 3,500 calories). Exercise along with cutting calories helps boost your weight loss. Exercise is also important for maintaining your weight and not regaining weight.
For most healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends:
  • At least two hours and 30 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity (think brisk walking or swimming) or one hour and 15 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic activity (such as running) — preferably spread throughout the week.
  • Strength training exercises at least twice a week.

As a general goal, include at least 30 minutes of physical activity in your daily routine. If you want to lose weight, maintain weight loss or meet specific fitness goals, you may need to increase your activity even more.
This chart shows the estimated number of calories burned while doing various exercises for one hour. Specific calorie expenditures vary widely depending on the exercise, intensity level and your individual situation.
Activity (1-hour duration)Weight of person and calories burned
160 pounds (73 kilograms)200 pounds (91 kilograms)240 pounds (109 kilograms)
Aerobics, high impact 511 637 763
Aerobics, low impact 365 455 545
Aerobics, water 292 364 436
Backpacking 511 637 763
Basketball game 584 728 872
Bicycling, < 10 mph, leisure 292 364 436
Bowling 219 273 327
Canoeing 256 319 382
Dancing, ballroom 219 273 327
Football, touch, flag, general 584 728 872
Golfing, carrying clubs 329 410 491
Hiking 438 546 654
Ice skating 511 637 763
Jogging, 5 mph 584 728 872
Racquetball, casual, general 511 637 763
Rollerblading 913 1,138 1,363
Rope jumping 730 910 1,090
Rowing, stationary 511 637 763
Running, 8 mph 986 1,229 1,472
Skiing, cross-country 511 637 763
Skiing, downhill 365 455 545
Skiing, water 438 546 654
Softball or baseball 365 455 545
Stair treadmill 657 819 981
Swimming, laps 511 637 763
Tae kwon do 730 910 1,090
Tai chi 292 364 436
Tennis, singles 584 728 872
Volleyball 292 364 436
Walking, 2 mph 183 228 273
Walking, 3.5 mph 277 346 414
Weightlifting, free weight, Nautilus or universal type 219 273 327

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weigh In #17

Start Weight: 175
Highest Weight: 176
Current Weight: 143
Lowest Weight: 130
Goal Weight: 135
Waist: 27 1/5
Chest: 33 

Hips: 38
Thighs: 23 

 Exercise  Mon-Sat
45 min- 1 hr run/walk combo outside -*5days,  Slim In 6 (Ramp It Up)-*1 day(it is very boring) , Elliptical Machine- *4 days

Meals for the week have been monotonous.

There were several of these...

and these......

with plenty of these....

as well as salads but no pics.

* I am not seeing several of my fav blogs on my dashboard anymore! Anyone else having this problem? Is it because I'm following too many?

Have a great week!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Weigh In #16

Start Weight: 175
Highest Weight: 176
Current Weight: 144
Lowest Weight: 130
Goal Weight: 135
Waist: 28
Chest: 33 

Hips: 38
Thighs: 23

I am late posting this but I have felt like crap the last couple of days. This week was not a good week exercise wise and for me emotionally. I got so stressed out and upset over the weekend that I did something I haven't done in a long time. I binged and it was ugly. I will not relive it but lets just say there was a ton of food involved and 1/2 of a cake and 4 Mcdonalds apple pies later I felt a little better. I got so stressed out that my cycle started 2 weeks early (wth?). That has never happened to me before. I didn't know that could happen to anyone so I learned something new.

Exercise  Mon-Sat
45 min- 1 hr run/walk combo outside, Slim In 6 (Ramp It Up), Elliptical Machine *3 out of 6 days*

Total Calories burned for the week: 2618

Just a few of my meals this week:

This week I'm determined to get  back on track and continue reaching for my goal.

I'd like to say thank you to Shrinking Blubeari for the versatile award she gave to me. Very sweet of you :)


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weigh In #15

Start Weight: 175
Highest Weight: 176
Current Weight: 145
Lowest Weight: 130
Goal Weight: 135
Waist: 28
Chest: 33 

Hips: 38
Thighs: 23 

 Since I'm on a budget I decided to revisit Slim In 6 since I already have it. I started on Monday Aug 30th with Start It Up, and Ramp It Up the remaining days of the week.

Exercise  Routine Mon-Sat
45 min- 1 hr run/walk combo outside, Slim In 6 (Ramp It Up), Elliptical Machine

Total Calories burned for the week: 4017

A few meals this week:(*I now make big batches so most days are repeats)

In other news: I received this super cute award from Karla @ Daily Thoughts. Her blog was one of the first that I started following and I was really inspired by her. Thank you again Karla!
  The rules: List 10 things that you like and pass on to 10 bloggers

10 things that I like:  shopping, Pillsbury cookies, horror & sci-fi movies, cooking, sewing, skating, puppies, exercising, painting, singing

As before, passing it on as a thank you to all following my messy blog who would like to accept it and post or not.

Have a great Labor Day tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick Post

When losing weight sometimes you just don't see a difference that's why it's good to take photos. When I get sad discouraged because I'm not where I want to be, I look at where i was.
As hard as this was to post I decided to do so as a reminder to myself. The depression and shame that I felt... and even looking at the photos stirs up those old feelings. I am my own worst enemy and harder on myself than anyone could ever be..but that's another story. Anywho this past Saturday I took a picture of myself in my size 8 "goal" pants. I chose these as my goal pants because they are wool (no elasticity). I was utterly surprised when they were kind of roomy around the buttocks. During a quick break today I decided to do a comparison photo with my day 1 P90X photo and here is the result.