Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weigh In #18

Start Weight: 175
Highest Weight: 176
Current Weight: 142
Lowest Weight: 130
Goal Weight: 135
Waist: 27 1/5
Chest: 33 

Hips: 38
Thighs: 23 

 Exercise  Mon-Sat
45 min- 1 hr run/walk combo outside everyday - Elliptical Machine- everyday

 A few meals :

i ate this everyday this week and i'm sick of it

           my usual breakfast

  a whole lot of this...

i was good with these..only 2

         and these...

     plenty of these burnt ones but i don't believe in wasting food :)

In Other News...

MissHaneefa  created a wonderful challenge last week ...The 15In15 Challenge. You commit to lose 1 lb a week and by New Year's Eve we'll be 15 lbs down. Not sure if I want to lose 15 but if I could get 10 down I'll be a happy camper. Challenges are a fun way to encourage and support one another which is an important part in this journey. Thanks MissH!

With that said thank you for the encouraging comments many of you have left during my journey. They really meant alot to me and I try to return the favor as often as I can. They were the extra boost that I needed then and I don't think I would have come as far as I have. I'm pretty sure I would have given up a while ago.
Speaking of comments.
Over the weekend I ran into some people I haven't seen in over a year and oh the comments. Some were good while others were just stupid. One stupid one in particular was "Don't lose too much where you start to look sick". Are you serious?  My sister said this same thing to me a month ago and my response then was "well people mostly look sick when they are sick so why would I?" This time I didn't waste my time with a rebuttal I just gave her a stare down. When I answered the question as to what I eat, she chimes in to state "oh THAT'S why you're losing weight because you don't eat meat!"  My reply "WRONG  Sherlock". I explained that I have tinkered with the idea of a vegetarian lifestyle for quite a while now and  #1) after watching FoodNation by accident I was completely disgusted, #2) I have NEVER been regular...I'm talking once a month which is not right on so many levels. Since I stopped eating meat this has changed and I can finally join the "regular" crew.
I explained that I exercise almost everyday and once again she tried to get a few comments in..something about too much exercise. I was tuning her out by then but she actually made a comment that she exercised too much and that's why she didn't lose. What??? I definitely didn't entertain that.
What I don't understand is why people try to discourage or down what you are doing to try to better yourself.  I am truly amazed. This is not a question for anyone reading more so just a comment.

*In the past week I was called "tiny"....... Joy. Now I know that I am not tiny and granted he was 6'4 and weighed 200+ lbs...but I was still cheesing hard inside.

Anywho enough rambling. Good nite all.



  1. Vee, I feel you girl on the comments. It hurts me inside and I am sure that you felt the same. I have been asked it I was sick too and people wince when I say that I like working out doing it. Forget them, do you. you know what you need to do and you are doing it. You have come so far in such a short time and you should be so proud of yourself. Don't let anyone take that away from you or make you feel less of yourself.


    P.S. Thanks for the continued support!

  2. You are SO close to your goal! And I'm SO envious! But you worked hard, and it shows. Ignore the ignoramous(es?) of the world. Idiots. YOU've been doing it very healthy and will continue to do so. Good responses on your part.

    Vee at

  3. @ MissH yeah they kinda stung a little but pissed me off more than anything lol. How can anyone at 5'2 & 142 lbs look sick I ask? lol. You rock too chica! :)

    @ Vee- they have been placed on mute and ignored! lol. Thank you for stopping by I really appreciate it! :)

  4. dont worry about those oh so silly comments, you are fabulous , and as I said before and dont mind saying again a huge inspiration for others , myself for one.

    I also really like the challenge miss haneefa has...this is one I may be able to handle :)

    Take care, vee and keep your head up!


  5. Thanks zainab1! YES! I hope you join us on this challenge!

  6. I hate when people talk so dumb. What is that to say? People need to realize that there is a big difference between being healthy and in shape and being sick. You are doing so great! I envy you.:-) You work out and eat right every day and it is a great motivator for me. And it shows! You are constantly losing and getting to your goal. You look TERRIFIC!! You did the right thing by not even commenting. Oh and I'm super excited about Miss Haneefa challenge! Glad your on board!! :-)

  7. @ Melissa- thank you. and I'm excited too this should be fun :)

  8. you are doing awesome with your weight loss girly! Your toe polish looks amazing and your food...yum!!!



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