Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reading IS Fundamental

I tell my daughter this all the time. Apparently I need to take note.

I had to share this because I feel like quite the fool right now while my friend is on my line cracking up!  Let me tell you first that I am NOT a tea or coffee person where I have to have it or I'll go nuts. I will not go out and purchase these items but will drink them if they're 1.) free 2.) decaffeinated.  Now my long time buddy is leaving for New York soon and in the midst of packing discovers boxes of boxes of teas. She told me that she had quite a few to give to me which she did after I first asked if they were decaffeinated and her reply was yes. I've been enjoying said teas almost daily with some Truvia and my dinner. Yesterday I ran out of box #1 which were all fruity so I opened box #2 and grabbed 3 pks of Earl Grey because I like my tea strong and full of flavor. I sipped on that tea from noon until night. Now you tea connoisseurs may already know what I'm getting to and may even be saying "you big dummy". Tonight while i was downstairs looking for the sleepytime tea, chatting away on the phone with my friend, I mentioned how i could not sleep. I then mentioned that I couldn't find the sleepytime tea and that I had had enough of the Earl Gray and the blue packs all day yesterday and today. At this point she burst out laughing and directed me to the bottom of the box.
          sorry for the blur i took these with my phone

Now I still didn't understand why I was looking at this and she managed to instruct me in between laughs to look at the back of the packets. Both the grey and blue packets I have been consuming for 2 days are black teas. Well look at the crack caffeine contents in the black. I had already prepared some for tomorrow as well which is now down the drain.
No sleepytime tea and I am wide awake.
This is a good example for me to share with mini me why reading is fundamental. Mama's make mistakes too.


  1.! Its okay...its just another lesson learned.

  2. lol thanks Micehelle and that's exactly how I look at it. 1:42 and I'm still awake and now back on the computer. I hope I don't have the shakes tomorrow.

  3. Hopefully you'll be back to your old self when it gets out of your system. I wish caffeine could keep me awake. I could drink a whole pot of coffee and still sleep. I'm down to only one cup in the morning now and trying to drink more skim milk instead.

  4. LOL.. that is too funny. Well at least now you know. :)

  5. @ CLAMCO I see why people are addicted to this stuff.

    @ Melissa- you better believe it lol.

  6. lol.....funny now send me all that tea :-)

  7. lol @ Ro i could have done that too. In my haste I bagged and tossed it.

  8. Wow! when you said you had steeped 3 bags I knew what was coming OMG! poor you. If you have to pull and all nighter ever you now know what to do LOL!

  9. well, at least you know now ;)


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