Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week 11- Day 4

YogaX- 10 mins
Run/Walk- 1hr

I had alot of research to do in preparation for a project that lasted until 3am. I set my alarm to wake up at 6am to go for a run. When the alarm went off I kept hitting the snooze button for 15 minutes until I finally peeled myself out of bed. That's my determination coming back.  I made a promise to myself that I was getting up by any means necessary and heading out the door for my run and that's exactly what I did. It felt great to be out and I gave myself a little pat on the back for sticking to my guns. I admit that's something that I rarely do, but I'm working on it. Now as for the rest of my day...I was in true bitch mode Lol. I have a few people to apologize to tomorrow. My alarm is so friggen loud it awakened Mini Me so she decided to ride her bike while I ran. Never again. I love the company especially since my associate just gave up on exercising, but MM holds me back. She makes me laugh and I end up stopping several times with her because she's out of breath. Not today. There was no way I was allowing her to interrupt my run this morning. My plan was to keep moving the entire time and I warned her before she tagged along. I counted 4 stops that she made en route. 3 because she was tired and 1 to rescue a turtle. Whining for me to take breaks with her the whole time. Geesh, when I was 17 I was full of energy. They don't make'em like they used to.

Breakfast: Oikos caramel Greek yogurt & 1 banana-no pic

Lunch: 2 slices whole wheat Natures Own with PB2 & cinnamon

Dinner: Salad (Marketside herb mix, baby tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, President fat free feta, cucumbers, broccoli florets, 1 Morningstar Farms chicken patty)

Snacks: 1 pk Emerald 100 calorie Cocoa Roast almonds
              1 orange
              1 slice cantaloupe



  1. Salad looks yummy, I saw that Presidente feta on sale at HT and was curious about it since I always buy Athenos.

    And if you only got 3 hours of sleep, you deserve to be in bitch mode!! Go get some sleep :)

  2. This was my first time trying the Presidente. I like Athenos better.

    Lol yeah I am about to pass out I feel like crap.

  3. I am glad you put the comments back :)

    you are doing great!!

  4. Miami here you come! I am glad that you got outof bed and did what you had to do.


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