Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week 11- Day 3

Back & Biceps, AbRipperX

My best friend wants to go to Miami for her birthday in October. I officially have 60 days to get it right or get left. It's on. Time for me to get back on track with the same determination that I had when I first started this journey. I must confess I have slacked off quite a bit. My exercises are rushed and I know that I can eat better. Since omitting meat from my meals my body just feels much better. I love Morningstar Farms but I'd like to eat more homemade fresh veggie filled meals. I do plan to purchase some cook books very soon but until then I know better choices need to be made. I'm almost done with P90X so I'm going to have to think of my next plan of action.....

Breakfast: Oikos caramel Greek yogurt-no pic

Lunch: Morningstar Farms veggie chicken patty on an Earthgrain thin bun & 2 kiwis

Dinner: Tabatchnick chilli with 1/2 crumbled Morningstar Farms Prime Griller & 1/2 cup Uncle Bens brown rice

Snacks: POM infused Blackberry Dumplings
            1 pk 100 calorie Cocoa Almonds
            1 orange



  1. I love Miami! Great reason to get back on track.

  2. Vee, Miami! I'm so jealous! You can do a lot in 2 months, especially with your new motivation. I'm wrapping it up with P90X also and ready for something new. I want to try the Brazil Butt Lift program. I need to work on everything between the knees and the waist and that should do the trick.

  3. @ lyricgirl-i've only been once too long ago so i'm excited.

    @ CLAMCO- i hope i can lol! i'm counting on this trip to provide just the motivation i need to get me going again.

  4. Miami! I currently live in Miami, your gonna have a blast. I know your gonna look great and fit right in with the rest of the beautiful people.

  5. Look at that profile pick! DAMNNNNNNNNNNN! I am suprised that computer is not on fire, because it is so hot! lol!

  6. LOL aww thanks MissHaneefa!


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