Friday, August 6, 2010

Week 11- Day 5

Core Synergistics
Run/Walk- 1 hr

I can see the bones in my knees...HELLO!

I spent my evening downtime trying on some of my old smaller clothes. Some fit...some did not....some fit :). I've already given away a few clothes that are too big now. My first instinct was to keep them, thinking "what if I gain the weight back". While working on my weight loss I'll be working on my thoughts as well.

In other news....
The winner of the giveaway is Katrina- CONGRATULATIONS!! 
I love being able to give away free stuff as much as I like receiving it!

Breakfast: pancakes topped with Vanilla Greek yogurt & cinnamon

Lunch: my fav meal - beans -n- rice

Dinner: salad night part deux

Snacks: cantaloupe, 1 pk 100 calorie Cocoa Roast almonds, 1 orange



  1. I have been getting rid of my old clothes, I don't want them around, and some of them are just plain silly they are so big. still have my smallest clothes I am not into, but soon.!!!

  2. I saw on Dr. OZ that you are supposed to get rid of all your old clothes,so that there is no way thhat you can fit back into them. I keep one pair of pants as a reminder.


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