Saturday, May 22, 2010

Late Night Creep..

The Bentonite Clay finally kicked in and the nausea went away... finally! I peeled out of bed and headed downstairs to grab a Dasani and a snack. Opened the fridge, reached in the box and wth...empty. Grabbed the orange juice container..same thing...empty. ARGH!!!! I hate it when my daughter does that I just don't understand it and never will! No matter how many times I fuss at her for doing that, it never fails, she'll do it again the following week,. I'm just gonna have to start doing that to her. Let her get her mouth and tastebuds ready for her beloved Captain Crunch, and pull down an empty box from the pantry. I'm getting tickled just thinking about it.

I just can't make myself drink the tap water here in GA. I looked at the time (1:09 am) and decided wth, Wally World is walking distance, although I was driving, and open 24 hrs, I'll just go in to get some water.

It was so silent in there I LOVED IT! Although I went for water, I came out with this:

and these..How I love thee....

and some more Greek yogurt and chicken breast. I have very nosey neighbors with whom I'm quite sure think I'm somewhat strange as it is. I'm pretty sure me bringing in groceries and chasing Sashimami around in the yard at 2:15 am confirmed it for them. Oh well...


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