Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week 1- Day 6

 Who knew there were so many great blogs floating around out there. I've stumbled across alot of cool ones and gained inspiration.

Legs & Back

Since I missed my workout yesterday, today I picked right up where i left off . The legs video was pretty decent compared to the others. The only parts I struggle on are the chin ups.So exercising will be fine for me now that I'm getting the hang of it. Now I need to get the eating part down packed. Eating usually works one of two ways for me. I either miss one or two meals and eat alot when I do catch up OR I eat foods that are rich and super high in calories. My goal is to try to eat those 6 small meals throughout the day so I won't starve. I love love love LOVVVEEE sweets so if I can find something to satisfy my sweet craving then this ball will REALLY get goin.

Breakfast: Greek yogurt & berries
Lunch: Quinoa  Spaghetti with ground turkey meat sauce
Dinner: grilled flounder & lftovr steamed broccoli
Snacks: 11 Snack Factory Deli Crisps, 1 slice Amy's Organic Choc cake

I ordered this from Vitacost a week ago and couldn't wait to try it out.

Found this sauce at Wally World last night. I used half of it. Until I learn to make my own this will suffice.

Mixed seasoning, onions, mushrooms, & green peppers in with the ground turkey.

I wasn't hungry at first but now I'm ready to eat it out of the pan as is.

Finished product plated

Decided to go with fruit on the side

My biggest critic gave it a thumbs up...

Okay she thoroughly enjoyed it. I swear I was only away for 5 mins..

I was still full from lunch but I know I had to eat dinner to get enough calories in. I wanted something super simple so I seasoned a piece of flounder and heated up the foreman. Had leftover broccoli on the side. I couldn't even eat half of it. I am craving a dessert soooo bad.

Going to bed earlier than usual tonight. I have a baby shower to attend tomorrow. I have to be sure to get up on time to eat MY breakfast and lunch! I don't want to show up hungry and have to FORCE (yeah right) myself to consume the goodies that will be on display.

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