Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week 2-Day 4

Ab RipperX & YogaX
Brisk 1 hr walk
Elliptical-500 cals

I hate YogaX. That friggen video is way too long so I have to admit, I shortened it by 1 hr. I also did ab ripper x because I missed it yesterday. I still enjoy that one. I switched up my routine a bit today and hopped on my elliptical in the early am and went for my walk in the evening around 7. It was so nice outside but the trail was packed with people bumping and running into each other so Sashimami and I took a detour and walked around the neighborhood block a couple of times instead. I tried to do a 2 min sprint at the end because I want to run so bad. I only lasted a minute and a half. That's ok steps. Weeks ago I could only do one lap (walk) around the trail. I was out of breath and my legs hurt so bad. Now I can do at least 4 or 5 walks around.
Of course I didn't get much sleep last night but I think it's catching up with me now because I am sleepy as I type.

Breakfast: Greek yogurt and pineapples& Naked protein shot
Lunch: 2 boiled egg whites stuffed with Starkist ready made tuna sprinkled with paprika and cantelope & cherries
Dinner: Turkey burger, french cut string beans and 1 mini corn on the cob
 Snack: 1/3 cp of energy trail mix, 1/2 square of semi sweet bakers chocolate

lunch was def nothing fantastic but it was quick and hit the spot

A repeat of that turkey burger but I love them.


  1. i hear alot about greek yogurt.. is it just like regular yogurt.

  2. It's much thicker and taste better to me. Here's a link someone sent me to compare. I thought it was rather interesting.


  3. You aren't lying....that Yoga X is too dang on long and I get so pissed after killing 45 mins doing the same repetitive moves you get on the floor and do all the great easy moves!!!I did Yoga once & always replaced it with Kenpo X.

  4. hey that's a good idea! thanks!that yoga x is the only video that I dread.


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