Friday, May 21, 2010


With so little time on my hand I wasn't finding time to exercise at all. I have been "sorta"eating healthy (MY dillusional version of eating healthy) for the past 5 years slipping up here and there but I still maintained a healthy 140 lbs with minimal exercise. Since I began working from home last yr April 2009, I  gained and got up to 175 lbs at 5'2. I could no longer fit into my cute clothes so I did what I do best and went shopping and bought bigger cute clothes. I got very comfortable with my weight. 2 months ago I decided I would get lipo at one of the centers here in GA. I wanted it done before the summertime, shooting for the month of May. The Dr. told me that I needed to lose at least 35 lbs before he would do it. I was cool with that and attempted to lose it but as I mentioned, with no time to exercise it was a bust. I recently went to my regular Dr who flat out told me that I was headed towards diabetes and had better lose the extra weight. This was a wake up for me as my mother, 2 sisters, and 2 brothers all have diabetes with one brother even losing a leg. Another rude awakening is when someone that I barely know decided to take it upon themselves to send me diet tips out of the blue. I was so hurt and even cried a little. I convinced myself that I was ok with my size and thought that nobody noticed it. Friends would tell me that nothing was wrong with me and they liked my shape. I believe they just didn't want to hurt my feelings. My in your face and tell it like it is friend Nik sat down with me and said " girl you are gaining too much weight and you need to do something about that". "Your prettycute face is getting pretty chunky." etc....She was brutally honest and i appreciated her for that.


I sat down at my desk to write out a plan and searched the web for what would suit me. I knew that I needed a lifestyle change and not just another fad diet. As I was searching, the P90X infomercial came on, I watched it in it's entirety. I then searched the web, read alot of success stories, was REALLY impressed with the beachbody site and all of the support shown that I ordered right away. I also remembered that I had ordered Turbo Jam and Slim In 6 a couple of years ago and decided to locate those and dust them off. I actually found 2 copies of TJ but still no sign of the Slim In 6.  I began P90X on Monday.Today I decided to track everything in a blog to motivate myself. Posting my overweight pics is super hard and embarrassing for me. I can't believe I allowed myself to get so out of shape but I need to SEE my reminder that this is NOT where I want to be. This is going to be one hell of a journey but determination is on my side. In addition to weight loss I'm hoping to gain strength, knowledge, and learn to eat the right way and clean.

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  1. I did P90X a year ago, I wished I was tracking & following what I ate b/c my results would have been so much better. I am looking forward to reading your journey!

    Thank you for reading my Crazy Riffs and hope that I can motivate & inspire you on your journey!


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