Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week 2- Day 3

Brisk walk for 1 hr
Elliptical: 420 calories burned
p90x Shoulders & Arms

I did not get my 8 hrs of sleep last night at all. I went to bed around 1 but didn't fall off to sleep until 2:30 am. Ugh! I woke up sluggish and grouchy and didn't think I would get my walk in but...with determination I knocked out one of my goals for the week today! Today was my 2nd day walking. Sashimami and I headed out at 8:15 this morning and walked for a little over an hour. I felt great and energized when I got home. I showered, ate breakfast and ran out to run a ton of errands. I didn't take any snacks with me while I was out but surprisingly my stomach did not growl...that's a first. When I got home I made a nice lunch to eat at my desk while I worked. That burger was so good I forgot all about working :)

I was better with the Shoulders and Arms video this week. I kept up with the people in the video. I actually like this one as well. I couldn't do the chair squats though because my thighs were soooo sore from my walk this morning, but I guess that's a good thing. After my usual 200 cal burn on the elliptical, I just kept "upping" it to 20 calories until it all equaled up to 420 calories burned. This is the most that I've ever burned in one day on that thing. Baby steps...

I am definitely getting at least 7 hrs of sleep tonight. Epsom bath here i come and then it's off to la la land. I also put in some lavender to help me relax more. Maybe that's the problem? While I was blog reading H.S. posted some great tips that I will be trying out

Breakfast: Dannon Greek Yogurt w/berries, Naked protein shot
Lunch: Turkey Burger, apple, and watermelon
Dinner: Homemade salad & chicken breast
Snacks: 1/3 cup of energy trail mix from Publix

I used the P90X recipe for turkey burgers and it is so good. Much better than the dry burgers I used to make. One thing I can say is I always hated dieting because to me (and alot of other people) it meant terrible tasteless food. I love reading other blogs with recipes for healthy stuff I am so inspired by so many.

My dinner salad was a spring mix that I got from Publix. I added spinach, carrots,cut up boiled egg whites, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and a grilled chicken breast. I ate every bite..and I mean every. Delicious.


  1. P90x GIRL! I give you so much credit! I really struggled when I was doing that, and gave out so quickly. That salad looks absolutely fabulous, and I want that watermelon! Yum!!! Do you have any tips for picking out a watermelon? I always get terrible ones.


  2. Lol I remember when I was young my dad showing me how to pick out a good watermelon by thumping it. I'm still lost with that. I lucked up on this one :)

  3. Your food pictures always look so great!! What is the bread that you used for your burger? Keep up the hard work!!

  4. Thank you I try :). I use Earthgrain's 100% whole wheat thin buns for now.


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