Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week 10 - Day 3

Shoulders & Arms, AbRipperX

Another busy day today but at least I managed to make breakfast thank goodness. I skipped lunch, not by choice. I wasn't hungry and forgot all about it because breakfast weighed on me like a ton of bricks!

Breakfast: 3 whole wheat pancakes & sliced strawberries ( I put cinnamon and truvia in the pancake batter so they were a little sweet)

Lunch: nada

Dinner: Morningstar Farms lasagna, salad w/ cherry tomatoes & garbanzo beans
                                           *I LOVE Morningstar Farms*

Dessert: BAD BAD BAD...... today was very stressful but this is no excuse I know..
    4 Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies & So Delicious peanut butter and chocolate ice cream


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