Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 9- Day 7

Rest Day

Wow I received my first crazy anonymous comment today and it was deleted just as quick as it was posted lol. Anywho, I headed out for a run/walk early AM but my leg started to ache so I had to turn  around and head back home. I also tried Kettlebell again today only because a friend brought hers over. She popped in the dvd that came with her Kettlebell  and arms are sore. Afterward I was dragged to Kroger to help said friend pick out ingredients for a dinner party. She said I seemed so happy and excited shopping around in the produce section. Well what can I say I'm a food geek.

Breakfast: Natures Own whole wheat bread w/ Peanut Butter & Co white chocolate,2 kiwis

Lunch: Dannon vanilla Greek yogurt & fruit crepe with fat free Redi whip

     This light, cool treat hit the spot on a scorching hot day.

Dinner: Cajun spiced baked tofu, roasted shrunken asparagus, Uncle Ben's brown rice, corn on the cob

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