Sunday, June 6, 2010

A day of rest....

 Elliptical: burned 450 calories

 Much needed rest that is. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had planned to go for either a walk or bike riding but ended doing neither. After breakfast I napped again, then ate lunch and then it was off to Whole Foods...but I ended up at Publix instead. They still carry some of the same good stuff though ;)

Breakfast: 1 morningstar maple veggie sausage patty, 2 egg white omelet w/ spinach on 1 Thomas whole wheat english muffin, 1/2 cup protein smoothie
Lunch: 1 Earthgrains 100% whole wheat thin bun, 2 oz chunk chicken breast, 1 tbspn Kraft fat free mayo, 1 tspn Mt. Olive sweet relish, 1 tspn mustard, lettuce, 1 slice of tomato, salad spinach, 1.5 cup of watermelon
Dinner: 2 oz Quinoa pasta shells, 1/3 cup Lightlife smart ground veggie crumbs, 1/2 cup prego Heart Smart mushroom. salad (4 mushrooms sliced, lettuce, chopped tomato, & 2 tbspns Wishbone Raspberry walnut vinaigrette
Snacks:1 triple chocolate vitatop, 1 appleberry vitatop


  1. Hey girl! thanks for stopping by my blog. I love food pics, your's look delish! I noticed your current weight is LOWER than my goal weight, lol. Then I saw that you're 5'2...I'm 5'10. When I get to 170 lbs...I am sooooo DONE. :)

  2. I was scrolling all the way down your page to find the follow button, which I haven't found yet, and I saw Phillippians 4:13 at the bottom....that is my LIFE VERSE!! How awesome!! Also, I noticed you said something about must be somewhere in the South...awesome. :)


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