Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week 4 - Day 6

Run/Walk/Bike Ride- 1 hr 45 mins
Elliptical- 300 cals burned

My goal was to do 2 hrs of outside exercise today but when the sun came from behind the clouds I knew I was done after an hr and 45 mins. I understand now why so many are attached to the Larabars. I think they really do energize you. I didn't wake up energized but after I ate half I was amped and ready to go!  When we hit the trail there was only 1 person out. A very pretty and FIT young lady with teeny shorts and a teeny tank top and she was running her butt off! She ran circles around me and Sashi several times. I would've hi-fived her she really motivated me to move faster. All I kept thinking was "one day that will be me". Not the teeny shorts and tank top but the continuous running.  I'm thinking of purchasing a tread mill so that I can practice but I have to see if I can fit that into my budget. I won a super nice one 3 yrs ago and gave it away...I could kick myself. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Breakfast: 1 crepe (3 egg whites scrambled with spinach & onions and 1 Morningstar veggie sausage patty
Lunch: 1 turkey sammie with spring mix lettuce and spinach, 1 kiwi, & 8 grapes
Dinner: 9 shrimp sauteed with onions, spinach, yellow & red peppers and tbspn Pad Thai sauce with 1/2 cup of quinoa
Snack: 7 R.W. Garcia Thai spic chips, PB2, 1 triple chocolate vitatop, 1/2 cup O.S unsweetened cranberry juice.

My last crepe! :(


  1. The dinner looks so good! I am sure that you can one day run your butt around the track continuously AND we wearing a sexy little sporty outfit ;)

  2. When can I have you over to teach me how to cook like that! These meals are mouth watering!!! Feel free any time hun!!! :)
    You are kicking mega butt with your workouts! So, motivating! Keep doing the do!!!


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