Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Week 5 - Day 2

Cardio X
Walk/Run- 30 mins
Elliptical- burned 300 calories

 I went to a couple of stores today to price some treadmills and wow. They are definitely not in my budget at this time. I'll just have to practice running when I can. The humidity was high this morning here in GA ugh that's what I hate most about being here. I can take the heat but the humidity is sometimes rough! And it's not even officially Summer yet! Anywho, luckily the clouds rolled in and it started thundering and even got a little dark outside late evening. I took that opportunity and ran with it...literally. I switched into my sweats, grabbed Sashi's leash and we were out the door in 2 minutes headed for the trail. We had a whole 30 minutes to run & walk. 5 minutes to feed the ducks and take in all of that fresh air before the rain came down. Still the rain felt good after the sweat I worked up. I pushed myself to run 3 minutes and I did it. I was so amazed at myself that I went for 4 but only made it close to 3.5. Thought I was gonna pass out completely after those 3.5 minutes but I didn't and just went right into fast paced walking. It was amazing to feed the ducks. That was my 1st time getting so close to them other than the Danger duck incident I had with them. Sashi wanted to play with them. They come to you when you have bread. I didn't want them too close so I kept throwing the bread  as far as I could away from me but I couldn't throw it fast enough. I ended up laying the rest of it on the ground for them and jetting lol.
I did however forgot to get another camera while I was out. I didn't dare bother with my dtr's again so no pics tonight. I had repeats anyway.

Breakfast: TBLT (same as yesterday)
Lunch: Banana protein smoothie
Dinner: 1 cup Spaghetti squash topped with 1/3 cup Smart Ground, 1/2 cup Walnut Acres tomato & basil sauce and (1/4) 2% mozzarella cheese.
Snacks: Peanut Butter n Jelly sammie (PB2 & 2 tbspns Smuckers Organic grape jelly)



  1. That southern heat is no joke. I grow up in Texas and I remember going out to play after 8 p.m. because of the heat It's nice to hear that you did not let that heat keep you in. Good job and stay cool.

  2. Good job on the running (3.5) that is a long time. I am sure as time passes you will be able to go for longer stints.

  3. I really want to get into running. Looks like you are doing great!


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