Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 6- Day 1

Core Synergistics

Today was busy and I was out in the heat most of the day but once i got home I made sure to get in at least one workout. My sister and I happened to pass by this a cute little market while we were out today. We just had to go back for the fresh produce.

Needless to say that we left there with a load.

Breakfast- 1 Larabar
Lunch- banana protein smoothie
Dinner- 1/2 fried (yes floured & fried...) flounder sandwich, 1 cup of Alexia Roasted potatoes and veggies
Snacks- crackers, 1 cup watermelon



  1. Wow those fruits and veggies are soooo cheap and they look great. i would have left with a boat load too!

  2. My eyes are pooping out! I love to see fresh veggies and fruits. Great way to shop and support the smaller stores. I hit the farmers market every Sunday for fresh and locally grown veggies and fruits.


  3. I love the farmers market! The veggies looked so good!! I see why you couldn't resist! :)


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