Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week 6- Day 3

Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, ABRipperX
Elliptical- burned 700 calories

itis- The drowsy sleepy feeling you get after eating a large meal.

Adam Richman from Man vs Food is hilarious to me. He's gotta love his job and always makes the food look so good. I too love food but I am learning to enjoy it in moderation and with substitutions.  Gosh I love this show. I'm trying to watch it, update my blog, and fight the *itis all at the same time. Can't fall asleep so soon.....must fight it.....must stay up long enough to clean the kitchen. Ah I feel good. Today was a good day.

I woke up starving for some reason. I raided my fridge for something different and found the Batter Blaster hiding out in the back. Wow, how could I have forgotten about that?

Couldn't remember when I purchased it. Checked the date. Oh well, I think 2 days past the date is okay?

Now I remember why it was in the back of the fridge. The texture was really weird to me when it came out of the can.  It looked like redi-whip.

They came out pretty decent though. Either that OR like I said...I was starving.

Breakfast: 3 (1/4 ea) BB pancakes, 1 tbspn Smuckers Grape , 1 strip Jennie O Extra lean turkey bacon= 310 calories

Lunch: 1 strawberry banana protein smoothie, 3.5 veggie chips= 319 calories
This time I restrained myself from eating the whole bag of veggie chips in one sitting. Salty goodness.

I've been wanting some chilli for a long time. I love to make it homemade in the wintertime but hate to cook it in the summer.  I found this one at my local grocers a couple of weeks ago and decided to go ahead and crack it open tonight.
I cut up onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and pulled out my spice rack. I thought surely i would have to season it up. Hmph. After heating and tasting it I put everything back where it belonged. It didn't need a thing. Maybe onions? No, there were plenty of those mixed in. The only thing I was mad about was the serving first that is. I'm so used to having a huge bowl of chilli that when I looked in my bowl I couldn't help but sigh. How the hell am I supposed to get full off of this? I was still saying that even after I added 1/2 cup of brown rice. I must say though. I was fooled because that meal filled me up hence the itis. I have nodded off 3 times while typing this. Forgive me if there are any run ons, and typos.

Dinner: 1 serving Tabatchnick Vegetarian Chili, 1/2 cup UB brown rice, 1 half corn on the cob, 1 Golden Corn Vitatop = 435 calorie

Snacks: 1/2 PBNJ Larabar, 1 deep chocolate Vitamuffin



  1. Your too funny, LOL! I love chili and this looks pretty good. I'll have to try it.

  2. The Your doing great.

  3. I tried making pancakes before with that can and it was an utter disaster. Yours at least came out .



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