Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week 3- Day 5

Legs & Back, AbRipper X
Walk and Run combo- 1 hr
Bike Riding- 1 hr
Elliptical- burned 250 calories

Sashi and I headed out to the trail bright and early again this morning for our walk and run or "wun" as I now call it. We see the ducks every morning and everybody minds their own business. They're usually in the water or very close to it and of course we are only on the trail. Well this morning one particular duck decided to try to chase after Sashi and I as we rounded the corner. I couldn't believe it. Since when did ducks start hissing? Now in her mind Sashi is a pitbull when it comes to protecting mommy, but this took both of us by such surprise that we both nearly jumped out of our skin. Sashi almost ran into a tree. You better believe I was running at that point. I thought about that my entire wun. Why did he/she do that and we were not even bothering or near it. I mean this bastard came from the edge of the water running after us. I was mad.
After my wun, I went home to grab a snack and some water. Mini me came downstairs surprisingly wide-eyed awake and dressed, ready to go. Where??  She wanted to go for a bike ride on the trail. "Dude we were just attacked by some friggen grouchy duck I am not going back over there". Mini me thought this was so funny and that I was over exaggerating. Also ya gotta understand, she watches animal planet all day everyday and is always reading books on animals so she wants to investigate. She claims we must have been near a baby or nest or something and I'm telling her all I saw was this sucker coming at us. No babies. Oh yeah and hissing. I had to prove her wrong so I agreed and we headed out to the trail on our bikes. As soon as we rounded the trail that same sucker came after "me" AGAIN running and hissing. Mini me fell off of her bike laughing so hard. She had stopped a ways behind me. She pointed out that there were two baby ducks in the grass and the mom/dad was protecting them. Okay dude but I was nowhere near your precious babies and you need to get them a little closer to the water. I'm just sayin....
The bike ride was so fun so I've decided to incorporate it into my daily workouts before my bike starts to rust.

After my wun and bike ride my legs were on fire! I could barely do the legs & back video but I am so determined to shed these lbs I persevered. I have one friend who told me today that he thinks I am doing too much. My reply: "sorry my friend but you and no one else will discourage me from this journey unless you have MD behind your name." didn't tell me that I was doing too much when you watched me scarf down a whole three meat pizza and 3 beers that time at Mellow Mushroom now did ya? 
I'm pooped..until tomorrow where I'll do it all over again =).

Breakfast: 1/2 cup protein smoothie
Lunch: bowl of fruit (1 cup watermelon, 1 cup honey dew melon, 1 cup cantaloupe, a few cherries), 1 apple berry vitatop, 1 boiled egg white only
Dinner: leftovers- crawfish and imitation crab mix,  4 oz tilapia, 1 mini ear of corn
Snacks: 11 snack factory deli crisps, 1 triple chocolate vitatop, 1 Edy's fruit bar lime


  1. LOL!! MM told me about this last night I was crackin up!

  2. LMAO!!!! I fear that always when I am wunning past the lake!!! I was laughing so hard when you were telling this story!!! But WOW!!!! Who would have thought getting healthy is so dang on dangerous!!! When I do my wun I am on the look out for wild turkeys and Bears now that they are out!! Oh gosh pray for me!!!

    On the other hand you are doing AWESOME!!! I see a SKINNY you in the near future! Get it Girl!!!!


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